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Surplus Product Liquidators

If your company sells any sort of merchandise, sooner or later you’ll end up with stock that’s not selling and taking up space. That’s a business reality. It’s also why we as merchandise liquidators help your company recover the cost of the merchandise. Rather than taking up space in your warehouse, we provide a return on the capital you invested in this merchandise. Liquidate Inventory Services helps many companies of all sizes with inventory liquidation. If you’re looking for a merchandise liquidator, you’re in the right place!

We Are Different Than Most Merchandise Liquidators
We specialize in liquidating merchandise in a manner that leaves both parties involved both satisfied and happy. Our business model is founded on the idea that by building lasting relationships between companies, we will help each other succeed as a way of moving forward. These are the ideas we’ve built our business on, and we’d like to welcome you to the family since we are a family business ourselves. We honor our commitments. When we settle on a price and other details with you, you can count on us to stick with it. Our word and our reputation are very important to us. Our many, many satisfied clients will attest to this in their passionate testimonials. Speed, Speed, Speed! To make it clear, one of the things we take the most pride in is how quick our process is. Once you decide on the stock you’d like to liquidate, once you email or call us and we agree on a price, we move like lightning! This is to maximize our benefits to your business. There’s no lack of understanding on our part that your goal is to turn stock into capital that’s needed elsewhere, and we move like our lives depend on it! If this is a concern on your end, be prepared to be impressed. We are inventory buyers.

The Liquidation Process
How does this help your business when you choose to use Liquidate Inventory Services as your merchandise liquidators? Let’s take a look.

First, the begins by you contacting us. Then, you can expect a fair price for your merchandise from us. We understand this is vitally important to your company, so act fast on our offer. We’re not looking for a one time transaction, but are rather seeking to be the company you turn to in the future should you need to move excess merchandise again and again. We’ll treat you like a valuable business partner because, really, that’s exactly what you are. A fair price is just the start of the liquidation process.
The next phase of the liquidation process is the favorite part for business owners as we pay you upfront. How’s that sound for trust? We know you need the cash to keep your business moving. merchandise liquidation is our specialty and we try to be as sensitive to your needs as possible. We want the process to be painless as it can be.
The final part of the liquidation process is arranging to pick up the merchandise at your convenience. You pick the time best for you, and we’ll work out the other details. This frees your mind to deal with other aspects of your business’s issues, while we tackle the logistics and other hard work.

Let work Together!